Martin ReesThis talk, open to the public, will be delivered by Lord Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal.


From Mars to the multiverse

Tuesday 7 July, 18:30–19:30

Room to be confirmed, Venue Cymru, Llandudno

Tickets are £4 for adults, £3 concessions, and under-16s are free. Book online.



This illustrated lecture will show how our complex cosmos of galaxies, stars, planets and black holes has unfolded from a big bang nearly 14 billion years ago.

Spacecraft have visited the other planets of our Solar System (and some of their moons), beaming back pictures of varied and distinctive worlds.  And we've learnt that many other stars are orbited by retinues of planets - some resembling our Earth. There may be a billion Earth-like planets in our Galaxy. We may know within 20 years whether there is life on some of them. We can detect galaxies so far away that their light set out more then 13 billion years ago - when they were young. And we can detect evidence of the first microsecond after the 'big bang'.

These advances pose new questions:

  • What does the long-range future hold?
  • Will post-humans travel to the stars?
  • Were there many 'big bangs' and not just one?



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