First SCUBA-2 data results at the North Ecliptic Pole
Laia Barrufet
Open University
Glenn White (Open University), Stephen Serjeant (Open University), Chris Pearson (RAL Space) Lucia Marchetti (Open University)
The North Ecliptic Pole (NEP) is the natural extragalactic deep field location for a wide class of space telescopes, including AKARI, WISE, and the future JWST and SPICA telescopes. We report a detailed analysis of a multi-wavelength extragalactic survey from X-rays (Chandra) to radio (GMRT) in this deep field, including Herschel 100-500 micron imaging and recent ground based SCUBA-2 850 micron mapping from the JCMT Cosmology Legacy Survey.
We identify high redshift galaxy candidates using colour-colour selection techniques, by taking advantage of the four Herschel/SPIRE + JCMT/SCUBA-2 bands, as well as searching for SPIRE drop-outs in the SCUBA-2 data
Our analysis also includes an image stacking analysis, which compares our high redshift candidates with a small sample of other high redshift galaxies, and shows the advantages that the extensive SED coverage available in the NEP field brings.